What Is Love…

I believe that love means something different to each one of us at different points in our lives. It is a beautiful thing and as we celebrate it today, I hope you’re spreading more of that, more light and more joy.

Happy Valentine’s day to you and your beloved. And Happy ThoughtsThursday. (Be warned, it is quite long.)

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What is love…

Is it the fullness of a mother’s womb,
The pain borne to give life,
Is it holding that precious little thing,
Feeling its fragile heartbeat.
Is it drowning in immeasurable emotion,
At your own soul taken to form another…

What is love…

Is it a father holding his child’s hand,
Teaching him how to cross the street,
Defending her at all costs,
Slaving in the sun for food for their bellies.
Is it sparing not the rod,
And chastisement to build character…

What is love…

Is it young ones playing,
Raising the dust in sheer ecstasy,
Wiping each other’s bruises,
And the tears that come with every fall.
Is it the innocence in caring,
And the masterful skill in sharing…

What is love…

Is it kicking back with an old buddy,
Laughing the night away,
Waking up to stories for days,
Those of good cheer and some not so much.
Is it the bonds of friendship,
Forged through the downs and the triumphs…

What is love…

Is it lovers diving,
Into mad passion uninhibited,
Making promises by the moonlight,
And sealing each with a kiss.
Is it exploring the other,
Searching till both lay bare…

What is love…

Is it grandma and grandpa,
Taking pride in the years under their belt,
Years of fighting and yelling,
But also years of unity and commitment.
Is it looking at their posterity,
And knowing they did at least one thing right…

What is love…

Is it food for the hungry,
Clothes for the naked,
Shelter for the homeless,
A kind word for the distraught.
Is it compassion unto a neighbour,
And selfless giving as though unto self…

What is love…

Is it roses soft as the morning dew,
Chocolate and wine of the finest vineyard,
An enchanting poem, a love song,
Or perhaps a quiet whisper in the night.
Is it that spark in your bonfire heart,
That erupts into an eternal flame…

What is love…

Is it that which makes the world go round,
The air in our lungs,
The blood in our veins,
The core of our being,
Is it the energy of the entire universe,
That binds us together as one…

What is love…




Dear Love of Mine,

This is the month when love is celebrated most. This especially, is the week that girls go wild over roses and chocolate and teddies while guys gear up to attend that all-male conference whose venue is undisclosed and which demands that all forms of communication be shut off. (Small sidebar, I’m starting to see why my mum often forgets her own birthday. This past weekend, a friend and I were perplexed at how there’s so much red everywhere; clothes shops, restaurants, malls… It actually took more than a minute to remember that Valentine’s is coming up. Yup, we are so swamped that we forgot that that chubby, little man fluttering on tiny wings, wielding a bow and arrow is celebrated in bursts of red. See my life.)

Anyhow, as I thought about how this week is likely to be- the cards, the gifts, the love notes, the fancy dinners, I found myself wondering how many would remember this person. I myself, will probably wake up Thursday morning with odes of my love to all my friends and beloved, and of course a killer poem dedicated to y’all my readers (mad love). But as the day draws to an end, will I remember the first love of my life- my own soul..?

As I mulled this over, I remembered a letter I once wrote to myself, small snippets of which, I intend to share today and to tell you.


Dear love of mine,

Often, you forget that you are precious. Often, you are so busy out there, trying to make sense of it all, giving so much that you leave so little for you. Often, you barely even remember that you exist, or that you are worthy of affection; and when you have, sadly you have always expected for this to come from the world.

So when it did not, or when it was not what you wanted, you suffered a great loss, and blamed them for the broken pieces of your heart. When it was even just a fraction of what you desire, you poured yourself into them, poured too much, that it was often difficult to see you apart from them. It felt magical, I’m sure. It still does, doesn’t it..?

But you need to know. My dear, you have to know. Before they ever were, you are. Before there ever were these wonderful, and sometimes not so wonderful bonds, there was you. You, a divine being, fearfully and wonderfully created. You, a heart so precious, there’s only one of you this entire universe. You were amazing before they ever told you. You were smart, gifted, and yes, you were beautiful. And while it feels so good for the world to tell you, you have to know it first.

See, often, you have been your own worst cheerleader. Often, you have been the one to look down upon yourself first. Often, you looked in the mirror and despised the person looking back at you. So I just thought it might be nice to remind you: even in those moments, yes there will be those in days to come, even when you worry that you are not good enough, or worthy enough, even then, especially then, you are a gem. You are super awesome. Heck, you are one of a kind!

Spend some time by yourself. Reading. Writing. Basking in the sun. Anything. Pour love into all that you do. Love and joy  (inspired by The Witch of Portobello- Paulo Coelho. An incredible read). Take a walk in the evening sun. Be grateful to be alive just as you are.

I pray that every tear you have shed will heal your soul. I pray that every exhale will break down the chains and every inhale will bring in new life. I pray that every bit of sadness will be a jolt of strength. And that every leap of joy will be cause for dancing.

 I pray that now you will learn to fall completely in love with yourself. That you will give unto yourself as you freely give unto others. I pray that you will turn away from the world for a moment and focus on you. Lavish you. Praise you. Take care of you.

Be good to yourself. Be caring and understanding. Be forgiving. Be kind. The one person you are guaranteed to be with unto your dying breath, is you.

You are loved. Well and truly.

Always, do not grow slack in zeal. Be fervent in Spirit. Serve the Lord.

Forever yours,




You Never Walk Alone

Someone made a joke that Monday’s post made him think of Liverpool. I thought that would make a pretty good theme for today and here we are. How absolutely wonderful it is, to know that we never walk alone. Happy ThoughtsThursday to you and your loved ones.

Every time,
You feel the walls caving in,
As though the air you breathe is being cut off,
And the blood in your veins is freezing over.
Every time,
There’s silence all around,
The only sound be your own feeble voice,
Remember that you are not alone.

Every moment,
You run but there’s no end in sight,
You dig but it’s all dirt,
You seek but cannot find,
Every moment,
You are backed up against the wall,
And you feel that the world has turned its back,
Remember that you never walk alone.

There is a light,
Waiting to be set afire,
There is a guide,
Ready to lead you on,
There is a voice,
Wanting to nudge you forward,
There is a shoulder,
Willing to bear your loads.

So you don’t,
Have to stage a solo fight,
Or wage a one-man war,
Or charge into the battlefront unflanked,
You really don’t,
Have to carry it alone,
Not the burden on your back,
Nor the weight upon your shoulder.

There always is,
A helping hand open,
A compassionate soul waiting,
A gentle heart giving,
Perhaps it be a total stranger,
Or that friend sticking closer than a brother,
Perhaps it be that gem always there,
Or the most unexpected gift.

You just need to know,
That you can reach out and be saved,
You just need to remember,
That someone out there is whispering…
‘For as long as you are you,
For as long as I remain me,
I vow to never leave your side,
To never have you walk alone’


You are Never Alone

…For as long as you are you

For as long as I remain me

I vow to not leave your side

To never have you walk alone…


I got to spend time with someone very dear to me this weekend. We got to talking, as is bound to happen as long as you’re spending time with me. We got to sharing some pretty deep stuff, naturally. I told her of some of the fears I harbor within; some of the thoughts that keep me awake at night, some of the worries that threaten my smile.

She spent all that time quietly listening, and when I was done, with tears glistening in my eyes and threatening to spill over, she leaned in to hug me and gently said, “I know. I know all these things are tough. But all will be well. Plus, you have your family. You have your friends. You have me. You are not alone in this.”

These words were so immensely comforting, of course I had to share them. I’m not sure if I have written about something like this before, and if I have, I’m sorry but I just have to say them again. If I haven’t, well then, there’s no time like the present, is there…

See, there’s so much we have going on in our lives. So many expectations we have set for ourselves. So many things we are trying to achieve. The normal youth in their late twenties will struggle each day to hold down a job, is probably going to night school, is probably starting a family thus is working to fit into that new lifestyle, has a horde of friends doing the same therefore is bombarded with committees and showers and ruracios, still has a social life to manage, has parents and siblings to care for and think about every so often and still has to look fly and stay cool. It’s not easy this stage. It’s not easy I tell you. Neither does it get any easier with time.

With all these and so much more, it’s super easy to become super overwhelmed. When, especially, all these things are not going your way, well, we know how easy it is to suffer a meltdown. Another friend once told me that work alone is so intense, they have a special corner to just sit, cry, do a couple of inhala-exhala exercises, collect yourself and then go back to your desk. It’s only natural to lose one’s mind, right..?

In comes the joy of having people that genuinely care about you. People you can talk to, run to, hide away with. Basically people who have your back, front, center, it all. These are the people we should never take for granted, because they are a special gift to us. They are our special treasure, and my oh my, what a relief to know I have such people in my life.

Of course, you do have to be careful just who you let in. Of course, saying that your people will have your back doesn’t mean all of them will. Of course, you have to be careful that the one at your back isn’t holding a dagger (these days this applies even literally). Of course, this doesn’t mean that you won’t find yourself alone sometimes, or that you shouldn’t learn the art of being alone but not lonely.

What I am saying, is that today I am finding myself highly appreciative of my rocks. Yes, I count myself super lucky to have more than of these. Today, I am finding myself super grateful that even though I had no idea how much I needed to hear this, someone reminded me. And if you have found yourself in such a place where the walls are caving in and your oxygen is being snuffed out, do remember that you are never alone. You may not be reassured of this often, you may not be totally aware of it, but you never are alone. And if it comes to it, if you are calling out but no one hears you or answers you, then fashion that helping hand for yourself; let him hold you up and lead you out to the light.

As always, do not grow slack in zeal. Be fervent in Spirit. Serve the Lord.




A Bit Ironic

I have been thinking some more about how easy it is to get trapped in our Longing for a different reality that we fail to understand why we are here now. I wonder what would happen, if we learned to water the grass we currently tread upon…

Happy ThoughtsThursday to you.

It’s a bit ironic,
The way of this world,
It’s a bit funny,
How these things go,
It’s rather interesting,
This game that never ends,
And downright confusing,
This constant struggle.

The man with the lofty corner office,
Longs for quieter days,
Yet his fellow mopping the floor,
Counts the days to his ascension.
One dreams of peace,
To almost be unknown,
The other builds up castles,
As he waits to be the boss.

That single girl wears her heart on her sleeve,
Longing for her forever prince,
Yet her predecessor prays,
For release from these chains for life.
She fills her heart with desperate yearning,
As the other fills her mind with schemes and plotting,
Both waiting for their first day of freedom,
Each into the prison the other escapes from.

The boy in the field,
Longs to be an older lad,
As grandpa with his cane,
Recounts his youthful days.
The young can’t wait to grow up and rule,
Yet the old want to go back down and play,
Both trapped in a time not their own,
Each craving to swap their lives without a frown.

Time must be a trickster,
Luring us all into other planes,
The universe must be a temptress,
Leading us all into an abyss.
Where we have what everybody wants,
Yet still seek with emptiness etched in our veins,
Where we are who the world wants to be,
Yet cannot stand the very sight of our own image.

We have become prisoners,
To the envy at other’s wins,
We have become slaves,
To our Master that is discontentment and impatience.
We have forgotten the beauty,
Of who we are right here and now,
And if no one waters their grass,
Well then…

Is it any surprise that earth becomes ever more barren…


The Grass is Greener Right Where You Water It

I absolutely love rereading my novels. I could read the same story a hundred times over and never get over it. One that I happen to consider rereading right now is Life Swap by Jane Green. This is an interesting tale that dares to answer the question, ‘is the grass truly greener on the other side?’

It talks of Vicky, this magazine editor with a glitzy life. Going to all the parties. Living by herself in this chic apartment in London. Skipping from man to man as her heart desires. She has the life any young woman would want… But she’s not happy. She wants a quiet, married life. She wants a beautiful husband, adorable children, a huge dog and a cosy, roomy cottage in the countryside. So with all the glamour and the lights, Vicky is not happy.

On the other side of the world, Amber has it all. A gorgeous, successful husband, the cutest babies ever, a mansion with heated pool and other obscene embodiments of wealth, the works. Yet she’s not happy. She feels that something is missing in her life. Something is absent and because of it, she’s not truly content.

So they conduct an experiment. A life swap in fact. Vicky gets to step into Amber’s shoes for a few weeks. She gets to taste this world she has only been dreaming of. Amber gets to have the single life. The apartment with the cat and the job with the glossy do.

One of the interesting things they both discover, is that while these new roles are a thing they have been aching for, they’re not quite it. They soon realise that with all the imperfections of their current realities, they wouldn’t trade them for anything else. And that’s what gets me about this story.

There are so many times I have wanted what was beyond my reach. When I was a primary school girl, I thought THE life was high school. Yet when I got there, I couldn’t stop wanting to be like my older brothers and sisters in campus who seemed to be having the time of their lives. Well, I got there. And my new dream was to have that job and make that Benjamin and be ‘Miss Independent’. Campus went by and you guessed it… I have a new dream now. Slightly ironically btduuubz, I’m at that age where I wish time would go backwards and I’d find myself in my hostel room at my second year of college and freeze there. Aaah good times. But where were we…

It always seemed that at every point, I couldn’t be content because I felt there was a missing piece. I felt that until I have that place, that person, that award, that… my existence couldn’t possibly be meaningful. Often, what happened was that I missed out on the joys of being there. Often I missed out on the bliss of being in the present. Often I spent too much time seeking and of course what I sought isn’t something that can be found.

Until I finally learned; the Maker of the universe was no fool when He set creation in motion. There was a reason for the seasons in life. The seasons of sprouting, of self-discovery, of learning, of building and tearing down, of rending and sewing- each of these was uniquely designed to enrich our souls. But when we spend our time rushing past these moments, constantly clamouring to get to the next level in the hope that it holds the answers to our woes of this state, then we miss it all.

I learned that each point in my life holds something beautiful and uniquely wonderful. Each holds a lesson for me, a blessing and of course, one heck of an awesome story, if not two. I learned that until I learn to appreciate where I am now, I will never be truly prepared to ascend to the next stage. You should see me now; taking in every glorious sunrise, enjoying every sip of tea (tea lovers where y’all at), marvelling at every encounter, bracing every challenge. I am here today. I live today. Aerosmith knew what they was going on about when they said I don’t wanna miss a thing- I sure don’t wanna miss a damn second of it.

You know what Vicky and Amber finally learned..? The grass isn’t greener on any side. It’s greener where you water it. As always, do not grow slack in zeal. Be fervent in Spirit. Serve the Lord.


Mary Magdalene Her Name…

I wrote this a while back, inspired by a story of a young girl who found herself in the depths of a life she didn’t want yet couldn’t seem to get out of. My heart went out to her as it did when I read the tale of this woman from the Bible. I’m not sure what the point of it today is, but something tells me I ought to share it all the same.

Happy ThoughtsThursday to you.

She wore the finest robes and gleaming jewels,
Walked by in all her grace and rhythmic sways,
Everywhere she strode, necks craned and turned,
Mary Magdalene her name, as enchanting as her smile.

She was the type of girl the Pharisees warned about,
Seductress, temptress, little miss steal-your-betrothed,
Her voice coaxing, her frame inviting,
Mary Magdalene her name, alluring as a love potion.

No one knew her deep dark secret,
The demons tormenting her soul when all was still,
They said one man couldn’t satisfy; she needed more wood for the fire,
Mary Magdalene her name, who could see her pain?

Each morning a ‘queen’, her head held high,
Each night the Nile she could fill, even in seasons dry,
Every wood a dagger, every climax a prison,
Mary Magdalene her name, where was your Ka-lel?

Millennia past, but her demons still prowl,
Laying waste, her incarnate’s barren soul,
Taking her life, over…and over…and over…
Mary Magdalene your name, who will save you today?